Eliminate Bed Bugs With Ease

Rent a bed bug heater from us in Port Washington or Manhasset, NY

Did you just find out that you have bed bugs? Take a deep breath and call Healthy Home Service. We have bed bug heaters for rent in the Port Washington and Manhasset, NY areas. Our crew will drop off a heater, fan, dropcloth and thermometer gun so you can do a bed bug heat treatment. We'll show you how to use the equipment, then pick it back up when you finish the job.

Exterminators are expensive, and they may not kill all the bed bugs in your room. Rent a bed bug heater instead. Pricing for our equipment starts at $499 for two days, with $99 added for each additional day.

3+ things to know about bed bug heat treatments

If you've never heard of bed bug heat treatments, we can tell you everything you need to know. Basically, bed bugs begin to die when the temperature is 121 degrees. Our machines are set to 135 degrees, effectively warming your space to a temperature that will kill full-grown bed bugs, as well as babies and eggs. Other things to know include...

  1. The treatment can be completed in just one day, depending on the situation
  2. Heat from our equipment can reach bed bugs that can't be seen
  3. A bed bug heat treatment requires minimal preparation

You will want to remove some items from your room, like food, medications and flammable items. We'll review that and much more when you contact us to learn more about bed bug heat treatments.

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